frequently asked wedding photography questions

Please check out my Frequently Asked Questions page. Here you will find answers to the most commonly asked questions. However, if you'd like more information on anything else I'd be more than happy to help!

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Who will shoot our wedding? That's me. I never contract out my work or use associates. You book me, you get me!

How many pictures will we receive? That really does depend on the wedding and the number of guests. Most couples receive between 450 - 600 images.

Do we get black & white versions too? Yes, you will receive black & white (monochrome) versions too. I also provide some "styled" versions i.e. sepia, 'golden Glow', & 'Wedding White'. There is no extra charge for this.

What format will the photographs be in? You will receive 2 sets of the images. High Resolution (300dpi) for printing and Low Resolution (72dpi) for uploading.

Are the pictures copyright free? I give you licence and total freedom to do with the photos what you like. So you can print them, upload them or share the JPEGS with other people. However, I do retain the copyright. This is to make my life easier when it comes to using them on my website or in marketing material. If you would rather your images were not used in this way please just say. I'm not out to upset anyone and fully respect peoples choice.  

Do you do video? No. Videoing is a different skill-set and requires different equipment and software. I stick to what I do best. 

Do you charge for travel? No, unless I'm travelling more than an hour and a half, or an overnight stay is necessary. This doesn't happen very often, an hour and a half is a lot of miles!

What equipment do you use? I have professional grade Nikon equipment. The camera bodies are full frame DSLR's and I have a range of lenses that come in useful on a wedding day. If you're a bit of a geek I'm happy to chat about my kit. But in truth, a list of what I own here wouldn't make very interesting reading to most!

What happens if something goes wrong with your kit? It's unlikely, but never say never! I have backup cameras, lenses, flashes, memory cards and batteries.

What happens if you are ill? To date I have never been too ill to work. However I'm only human! Consequently, I have a network of 'Togs' (as we are affectionately known) that I can call upon in case of emergencies.

Are you insured? Yes, of course. I have full public liability and indemnity insurance. And I recommend you purchase wedding insurance for yourselves.

Why do you only do one wedding a week? So that you get my full attention and I don't create a backlog. 

Why is wedding photography so expensive? Well actually it's not. A lot of people tend to see wedding photography as the time the photographer shoots on the day. But what they don't realise (until they've been through the process) is the hours that are put in with meetings, e-mails, preparation, photo editing, uploading, and album design. The average Digital Only wedding will take me over 40 hours. As the Americans say, "Do the math!".


Can you hold our date? Yes, but you need to commit by paying the £150 deposit. Sorry, but I have to operate on a first come first served basis. It's the only fair way.

How do we pay, and when? You can pay by cash, cheque or (preferably) internet bank transfer. An initial £150 deposit secures my services for the wedding day, and the balance is due 4 weeks before the big day. If you want the Album+Print Package or Album Package I am happy for you to pay for the Digital Only package initially. Then after the wedding when you are ready to order the other items I will charge for these separately (at the same cost as if you'd paid upfront). I offer this to help spread the cost, although I know many of you like to pay and cross it off your list. The choice is yours.

What about cancellation? OK, put simply... If you cancel you lose whatever you have paid (deposit or deposit + balance). The only exception to this is if you rearrange the wedding and on a date I can do. If I cancel you receive back whatever you have paid.

What happens after we have booked? I will make a diary note to contact you again to arrange our Pre Wedding Meeting at the venue(s). This meeting will take place about a month before the wedding. Meanwhile you can draw up your group shot list and liaise with me whenever you need to.


Bridal preparation, will I be photographed getting dressed? Your level of undress is entirely down to you and I will always be respectful of your wishes. If there are any moments that you don't want photographed they won't be. The important thing is that you are comfortable and are allowed to get ready without hindrance. I understand when some Brides decide not to have me along for this part of the day. But I do believe it's good "getting used to the camera" time, with the bonus of providing a fuller story of your day.

How do you organise group photos? I ask you to provide me with a list of the groups you would like, including the names of the individuals in those groups. I then arrange the list to minimise the movement of people and allow things to flow easily. You will be asked to nominate someone/some people to assist me in rounding up the groups. This way I spend my time taking the pictures and everything is done promptly (and guests don't end up hanging around).

How long do group photos take? You can reckon on 3 -5 minutes per group. This depends on how many people are in each group, their mobility (elderly & young), their agree-ability (young), and their location (in the toilets?).

We hate posing for photos. Do we have to pose? It depends what you mean by pose. Very few of us are models, and trying to look like one would usually be a mistake. I believe in capturing the natural you. It will help if I explain how I work. When I have a picture to set up my instruction is minimal. Something like "OK, go and stand in that archway". I will then wait to see how you land, as this is how you would naturally do it. Then if I need to move a foot or a hand (for example) I will. The trick for me is not to issue lots of instructions. The less involved I am, the more relaxed and natural you will appear. Sometimes I will ask you to do something knowing that the shot is immediately before or immediately after that action. Sometimes I mess about a little and you end up posing without realising, and these can often the best shots. 

Should we feed you on the day? That would be nice. It's a long day, and as you'll appreciate I need to eat. Most couples do offer, and usually I am fed at the bar or at a guests table. On one occasion I was on the top table! Bizarre!


How soon will we receive the pictures? Within 2-3 weeks.

Can family and friends buy images? Yes, this can be done through your personal online gallery. But remember, you have the rights to the pictures! You can print them off, go to Boots/Photobox etc, or give them the JPEG files. I am always happy to oblige for those special prints, as my lab are top quality although the prices reflect this (See 'Also Available' on the PRICES page). It is possible to buy perfectly usable prints in the high street. So it's up to you.

How does the album design process work? I ask you do choose 90-100 pictures that you would definitely like in the album. I will then design an album using professional software. It will tell the story of your wedding and flow chronologically. Each spread (2 pages) will be screenshot and e-mailed to you. At this point you have the opportunity to change anything (picture position, colour/black & white, picture size, what pictures to use etc). I will action these changes and send new screenshots. When (and only when) you are totally happy do we go to print. The process works well and means that you have as much input as you like in how the final album looks. It usually takes 2 weeks from placing the order for you to receive your album. 

Who makes your storybook albums and prints? Loxley Colour, based in Glasgow. They are a multi award winning printing lab. I believe they are the best in the UK. Their products are excellent, the highest quality. And they have very good service standards too.