Sandford Springs Golf Club Weddings

Reading wedding photography at Sandford Springs Golf Club, couple kissing

Sandford Springs is a super place to get married! Having visited so many venues it was obvious to me, as I wandered around, that everything was well set up to host a seamless wedding experience. On site is The Clock House (a bespoke ceremony building), an hotel, and of course the golf club itself (complete with large dining, dancing and bar facilities). My seal of approval was confirmed when I met Robin, the Events Coordinator. He knows the place back to front, what works on a wedding day, what needs to be done and when, and he is totally focused on giving the Bride & Groom exactly what they want. Everything in Robin's world is done with care and some gentle humour.

I look forward to working at Sandford Springs again in the future. 

For more photos from my last wedding there see my link on Sandford Springs Golf Club

Rainy Wedding Photography

Well, it happens! 

.... But not as often as you might think. Britain is notoriously wet, but the reality is that on any given day there will be non raining windows of opportunity. This might not be convenient and might give you and your photographer a bit of a headache, but even on a wet day it is often possible to grab half an hour when it's dry.

Even so, it's always advisable to have a contingency plan. I have done many weddings where, pretty as the outside was, the indoor "Rainy Day option" was stunning. It's not always the end of the world!

Whatever the weather, try and chill out. If it rains have an umbrella at the ready, maybe even some dazzling wellies. It's what happened on your wedding day, embrace it and enjoy it!

How much does wedding photography cost?

OK, the quick answer, £0.00 to £150,000

So really the question should be "How much do you want to pay?"?

Finding the right wedding photographer for you is an interesting challenge. Ultimately a lot of the decision making will be subjective and focus on what appeals to you as a couple. One thing is for sure, the cost varies tremendously as does what you receive for your money. 

For many, finances do dictate to a degree what they choose. This is sensible, and there is usually plenty of choice whatever price bracket you are looking in. But beware, don't go 'cheap'. "Why, what's wrong with a bargain?" I hear you ask. Well ordinarily, nothing. But wedding photography isn't a product, it's a service... the cost of which reflects the hours put in by the photographer. Yes, the main cost of wedding photography is the photographers time, and the many, many hours spent outside of the wedding day itself as well as on your special day. A good wedding photographer has attributes that 'cheap' just won't get you. Think, where else could you employ a professional who needs to be well trained and highly skilled, and have valuable experience, and the right expensive equipment, and the right insurance, and the best products, and yet expect to pay them poorly? (..and yes, there are probably some jobs you could name, but that doesn't make it right!).

So, you want the very best, and you've got the cash to splash. Why not? Why not indeed? Go for it................ hold on..... What are you getting for that extra cash? Is this going to be a model shoot that takes over your day meaning you don't join in at your own party (your biggest ever), or your guests become bored and don't even get to chat with you? Are you being offered heavily stylised images that aren't you or will look totally dated by tomorrow afternoon? Please, ask yourselves, are you paying extra for the right reasons or does you're ego need reigning in?

The Best Advice

  1. Decide on a budget

  2. Decide what coverage you want (photography time on the day)

  3. Decide what you want to receive (digital images/prints/albums/copyright etc)

Only then...

  • Start looking at peoples work (online)

  • Make contact if you like their work/style

  • Meet the photographer (Do you get along on with them? This is so important!). Talk to them!

  • Just because someone's recommended them doesn't mean they're right for you

  • Watch out for hidden extras (extra hours is the classic one)

  • Beware if prices aren't published... if you were selling something, why would you hide the price? Many wedding photographers do!

It may be at the end of this process you are stumped. And maybe your initial (1-3) requirements were unrealistic and you need to reconsider. Remember, the work your photographer does will be your keepsake of your special day. The photos will be a tangible reminder of what happened long after the cake has been eaten, the DJ has packed away, and even after your memories have faded!


Good luck!

Checkout Tim's prices here. I'm up front about the cost, and nothing is hidden. I guarantee there is no sales agenda or sales pressure.


Reading Wedding Photographer's day out in London

Yes, I know Reading and London aren't that far apart, but still it's nice to have a change of scene... and what better place than our capital city!

Now if I start talking churches gloriously adorned in gold, white and red, HUGE wedding breakfasts, and superb socialising over the meal (which is a way of life) some people might just recognise that I've covered an Italian wedding!

This particular ceremony was in Farringdon, where typically the church was not impressive from the outside, but wow... from the inside!! Afterwards guests too a London bus (private hire) to the reception at Hampton Court, travelling right through the centre of London along the banks of the Thames.

Great wedding, or as the Italians would say..."bellissimo!"

What should wedding photographers wear?


... well at least when they're working. But seriously, this question does come up quite a lot. And it's not that surprising because I have heard some horror stories, not least because my industry has its share of idiots and chancers like most others. Jeans and a T shirt should be a definite no no!

Firstly, you're the employer and as such don't feel awkward about asking the question or making (reasonable) stipulations. 

Secondly, it's a wedding. Anybody working there should show respect to the people and the occasion. Whether they're a wedding photographer from Reading or a DJ from Ibiza, common sense must prevail.

Now, there is a train of thought in the wedding photography business that us 'Togs' (as for some strange reason we have named ourselves) believe we must be comfortable. This is not unreasonable, and very sensible. But this shouldn't detract from being smart and presentable.

Far be it for me to say what wedding photographers should wear (we're generally big enough and ugly enough to make our own decisions), but I see nothing wrong with wearing a suit (for the men) just like the other male guests. Female photographers, I believe, should be equally smart but obviously not too "dressy", they need to remain practical. 

Some photographers will wear a top with a logo. You may or may not find this acceptable, and your view may be effected by the colouring and size of any logo on display.

So, do ask. You may be glad you did!

Who can get married in a cathedral?

Can anyone get married in a cathedral? Not surprisingly, the answer is no.

A cathedral must rank as one of the grandest places to have your wedding, if not the grandest. I recently photographed a wedding at Salisbury Cathedral…. and wow! I’ve seen some churches, but the sheer scale of Salisbury Cathedral makes it extremely impressive.

The couple didn’t just rock up and ask to be wed there. Oh no. A cathedral has its own parish (in this case the Cathedral Close), so those worshipping there on a regular basis can count it as “their church”. By chance my wedding couple actually lived outside the Close, but had long been welcomed to the congregation. Even so they had to apply to the Archbishop of Canterbury to be allowed to hold their wedding in Salisbury. Apparently the agreement sent to them was something akin to the Magna Carter or some Royal charter, very impressive and in keeping with the venue itself.

As with many places of worship, be warned. The professional photographer can be restricted in what they do. This is, of course, always to be respected… and even then a real treat.

When to have speeches at a wedding

"When do we have the speeches? It’s after the meal isn’t it?"

Well, not always.

There aren’t the wedding rules like there used to be. So why not make your wedding day suit you? I often hear myself encouraging Brides and Grooms to “Build it how you want it, because you really can!”

OK, so more often than not when I photograph a wedding the speeches do occur after the Wedding breakfast. But there has been a trend over the last few years to “do your own thing”. The main reason for moving the speeches seems to be in consideration of the speakers themselves. Let’s face it most people aren’t used to standing up in front of a packed room and waxing lyrically for 5 or 10 minutes. It’s a nervy/scary situation for most involved, and the anticipation could potentially ruin their enjoyment of the lovely food put before them (if it’s touched at all)!

So what are the options?

The most popular variation is to do the speeches before the Wedding Breakfast. Beware here, depending on meal time your guests may be hungry so pushing back the food might not be well received! I have also seen speeches take place between courses, but as a rule Chefs hate this because they are trying to get hot food out on time. The other option, which I have seen quite a few times (although it doesn’t help with the above paragraph), is to do the speeches before or during the dessert.

By the way, photographing the speeches can be a joy. The Bride and Groom rarely know what’s going to be said and consequently there can be some great expressions which all make for wonderful wedding photos.

Wedding rings, here are some ideas

Choosing a wedding ring? Not so easy is it! There are plenty of shopping options now: Reading, Basingstoke, Salisbury, good online services, Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter (excellent choice and service!), Hatton Garden etc. You'll receive loads of great advice whichever route you take. But where do you start? Well, style is a good place, so take a look at what I've been seeing at my weddings. Obviously some styles suit some fingers better than others, so you really need to try rings on before making a firm decision. Once you know the style you can then start considering what materials... and then watch the prices rocket, but hey, it's once in a lifetime and you knew at the outset it wasn't going to be cheap!

Wedding photos, why it's not all about albums

Photography is a wonderful art form, and can be presented in a variety of ways. I'm forever ordering prints and albums, they're not going away any time soon. And of course, everyone now wants digital for that instantaneous fix... so online galleries, apps, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, & Pinterest, they all come into play. But I want to wave the flag for the rather humble slideshow. And here's why...

They've been around a while now and are often ignored or under appreciated. But here's the thing- They're a really good way to view and share your photos! They can easily be put on social media, or played on the device of your choice or even on a Smart TV's. As a wedding photographer I get close to my photos when I'm editing/processing them. And every time I get to do the slideshow I love it! The addition of transition and sound really boost the pictures, and this combination gives the telling of the wedding story a moving edge. This is why for every marriage I cover I now provide a slideshow as standard. The feedback I've received from Brides & Grooms has been excellent, and I firmly believe a photography package with a slideshow offers a better option for the couple..

This is Jack & Rebecca's barn wedding. Take a look!

Boogie On Down

There's no shortage of DJ's. One of my favourites is Nick who runs Big Night Out. His care and attention to wedding couples is unparallelled. It’s good to have a mix between someone who is considerate of your tastes, but also has a lot of wisdom and experience. Everyone has different tastes, so I think it’s important for DJ’s to try to respect that as much as possible and play something for everyone. It takes a lot of experience to be able to take your guests on a journey through these different styles in a seamless and smooth manner! And of course, ultimately a DJ needs to play what you want too!

Nick loves music, and has some cool kit to add colour to proceedings. If you're considering wedding reception entertainment he has got to be worth investigating!

Thinking Of A Cake?

Do I see cakes? Well yes, loads of them! Here's a sample:

OK, stop salivating! Time to get ordering! For a May to September wedding it's best to order 12 months ahead (October to March 6 months)!! I'm sure someone can accomodate your date whenever it is, but to avoid disappointment.........

I can highly recommend the good people at Baked By Butterflies. Mark is highly skilled, his cakes are pieces of art! Take a look at their site.

The Barn at the Grange

We all like a bit of good weather, and Saturday 26th May was a scorcher! And what better time for my first wedding at the stunning Barn at the Grange in the pretty Wiltshire village of Winterbourne Dauntsey. What a lovely venue, and the super hosts (and owners) Mr & Mrs Rebdi were a delight to deal with. So well done to Charlotte and Nick for finding this gem, and for using Bird & Carter catering (thanks for the excellent dinner!). A great start to wedded life... best wishes to you both!