Italian wedding

This was my first Italian wedding. I'm proud to be British, but boy they know how to do things. Their churches are glorious, gold and red everywhere. Their wedding breakfasts are huge... no wonder seeing as eating and socialising is so part of their way of life. I'm sure I was Italian in a past life (maybe that's my stomach talking) or so I wish! This particular wedding was between Neil (an ex Burghfield footballing colleague) and Orsola (and there's the Italian connection!). The Church was in Farringdon and the reception at Hampton Court.... House (Don't scoff! OK so it wasn't The Palace, but The Hous opposite was mighty fine all the same).  It was a great day, for a great couple. My very best wishes go to the Bride and Groom!! Bellissimo!

ee the Italian wedding pictures here.

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