On Your Marks. Get Set...

As you might expect the life of a wedding photographer is pretty seasonal. Basically the winter is time for marketing (sigh), websites (grumble), accounting (yawn), meeting clients (yes!) and the odd wedding (Yeh!). It's also an opportunity to do portraits and some off the wall assignments. But above all it's a bit of a breather before the summer madness.

So it's been a busy start to my year with plenty of enquiries to deal with and meetings to attend. This year I'm looking forward to many weddings further a field, but locally at Aldermaston Mill, Basingstoke, Bearwood College, Burghfield, Caversham, Henley, Herons Barn, Maidenhead, Monkey Island, Newbury, Overton, Reading, Sonning, Trunkwell Mansion, Winnersh, Wokefield Park, Wokingham and Woodley. There are so many couples out there busily planning/putting off/delegating their wedding plans. Good luck to them all! It WILL all come together, and you WILL have a brilliant time! Me? Well I can't wait. I've got some exciting, some fun, and some beautiful weddings to shoot!

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Reading wedding