Those Frequently Asked Questions...

When I meet prespective clients they usually haven't been married before. They are full of enthusiasm and probably have plenty of ideas from weddings they may have attended. So, it's easy to forget that in actual fact they have never organised a wedding before. Here are a few subjects/issues that come up time and again from the photography point of view.

" What if a wasp wants to join the photo shoot?"

"What if a wasp wants to join the photo shoot?"

Q - "Do we need to practice for the photos?"

A - My initial response is, well everyone is different. I for one hate having my photo taken (Why do you think I'm behind the camera! Unfortunately that's not an option for you on this occasion!). So I do have sympathy and am always mindful of how the Bride and Groom feel. Particularly as how they feel often shows through in the photograph, so you will understand that this is very important.

When I'm capturing your day I always try to keep things as natural as possible... so just being yourself (and relaxed!) is key. I find that the best moments come when couples are at ease. Obviously, I will help you on the day. But I am not bossy nor do I go for an over posed look. I'm most likely to ask for simple things like "can you move your left foot forward", "just place your right hand on his left shoulder", "Go on, kiss again!" etc. The more I interfere the less spontaneous things will look, which (for what I'm trying to achieve) is bad! Some people are more extrovert than others and that needs to come through in the pictures. It is important that the images are true of you. It would be wrong to expect a reserved character to "put on a show", and equally it would be wrong to stifle an extrovert. So I suppose the bottom line is be yourself!

As far as practicing goes, well yes go for it if you feel it will make you more confident or happier on the day. You will not be able replicate the wedding day atmosphere and how you feel, but you will be able tell yourself "there's a bloomin' great lens stuck in my face but who cares?". Couples use my Engagement Shoot option (see Additional Items) as a way of getting that practice.

Whatever you think, please don't worry! Regardless of how hesitant a Bride or Groom have been (and some have been really worried), every single one has come through having had a positive experience.


Q - "How many photos will we get?"

A - I normally expect to deliver 350 - 450 pictures. But of course it all depends on how long I'm working for and what happens at the wedding (some situations demand more coverage than others). And just so you know, you'll probably need to choose about 90 for an album (if you want one).


Q - "Do we get black and white images too?"

A - Yes. I provide a black and white (or monochrome) set too. I also can provide other requests such as sepia or vintage if you require.


Q - "How long will the group photos take?"

A - Well, this all depends on how many groups you want me to photograph. With the help of a Best Man/Usher/Bridesmaid/family member/loud person to round people up a group will take about 3 - 5 minutes. I suppose something in the region of 12 - 16 group is normal.

But let's rewind a bit here. There are some important consideration.... It is your day and your party. How much of it do you want to be in front of the camera? How quickly do you want to mingle and kick back with your guests? And how quickly do you want to start drinking (sorry, but a factor for some)? Also remember, you'll want some Bride and Groom couple shots and these are likely to take place at the same sort of time. I always suggest we put aside 20 minutes for that...... and then think about groups...


And who is in the groups? Now that's a subject for my next blog coming up soon!