The Bride & Groom Wedding Shoot. My philosophy.

Most people are not models or actors and tend to look better when they are acting naturally and being themselves. When it comes to photographs of the Bride and Groom this is always utmost in my mind. Rather than unfamiliar contrived poses I prefer to offer general direction followed by (if required) minor tweaks. The trick is not to micro manage people, this only leads to a forced looking image. The more instructions people have, the more conscious and wooden they become. By encouraging the Bride and Groom to do things they are comfortable with ensures that they will be at ease with the camera, and thus makes a pleasing picture much more likely.

Obviously we are all different. Some of us are models, or actors. Some of us are quirky or even extrovert. Some of us (like me) hate being photographed. Having met the couple beforehand helps me understand what they are like, what to them is "natural", and how much they can be posed. The trick is to never lose sight of what they are about, and always aim to capture the essence of people wherever possible. Really shy people shouldn't be asked to do cheesy poses, for example. It wouldn't be fair to that person... and is guaranteed to look wrong. Conversely, asking a jack-in-the-box character to subdue themselves for the camera is equally unfair, and is guaranteed to look equally wrong!

In summary, whoever you are, whatever you're like, I want my Brides and Grooms to be themselves, relax, enjoy each others company, smile, and look forward to the next part of the day, the next chapter of their life together... their happily ever after, and be able to look back on my pictures and proudly say "that was us"!