Wedding photos, why it's not all about albums

Photography is a wonderful art form, and can be presented in a variety of ways. I'm forever ordering prints and albums, they're not going away any time soon. And of course, everyone now wants digital for that instantaneous fix... so online galleries, apps, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, & Pinterest, they all come into play. But I want to wave the flag for the rather humble slideshow. And here's why...

They've been around a while now and are often ignored or under appreciated. But here's the thing- They're a really good way to view and share your photos! They can easily be put on social media, or played on the device of your choice or even on a Smart TV's. As a wedding photographer I get close to my photos when I'm editing/processing them. And every time I get to do the slideshow I love it! The addition of transition and sound really boost the pictures, and this combination gives the telling of the wedding story a moving edge. This is why for every marriage I cover I now provide a slideshow as standard. The feedback I've received from Brides & Grooms has been excellent, and I firmly believe a photography package with a slideshow offers a better option for the couple..

This is Jack & Rebecca's barn wedding. Take a look!