Serious Photographers Daytrip

Every year I carry myself off to the big lights of London in search of knowledge, ideas, and inspiration. Surprisingly I find all this in a hotel!.... but before you jump to any conclusions please read on!

The pilgrimage I make is to the Society of Wedding & Portrait Photographers Convention. This professional body (of which I am a member) lay on masterclasses, seminars, competitions, and a trade show. And this year I took the trip with an old friend of mine, Jonathan, who is in the portrait photography business. 

This years event was excellent as usual. Keeping up with trends and product options is a must for me, and there is no better way of doing this. Actually getting touchy feely with what's available cannot be beaten. And with suppliers staff on hand (let's face it guys you're on a bit of a jolly really) products can be really explored. And having Jonathan along meant I was able to share ideas and concerns. Useful! 

For the 6th year running I came away knowing my working relationship with printing lab Loxley Colour would continue. I can't say I was surprised. They keep winning industry awards for their products and service. Yet again, in overall terms, no one is properly competing with them in my opinion... although some are getting closer! Most importantly I still love their stuff over pretty much anybody else and regardless of price.

We were a little concerned to see so many album providers. This is a crowded market and most seem to have similar offerings. Hmmm, something will have to give. Maybe we won't see you all next year....

So I have returned. Full of ideas, and intent on restructuring my packages and adding to what I offer. This is a bigger job than you'd imagine. So that's enough blogging, I'd better crack on and get on with it! Welcome 2016, I'm looking forward to the year ahead!!