Keep Confetti Alive!

A wedding today is a modern celebration. Couples are able to build their special day and make it pretty much what they want it to be. On the whole the traditions of old are still repeated week in week out, after all keeping these traditions (for many) makes a wedding. But spare a thought for the surprisingly overlooked confetti! For one reason or another I have noticed fewer weddings have featured the old classic.. throwing confetti. Come on folks, make room for a little fun!

Confetti dates back to pagan times, and the current paper/petals option has evolved from the throwing of sweets (particularly in Italy) and grains. One reason for it's fall from grace has been that some wedding venues decided due to the mess and inconvenience to ban the throwing of confetti, but I sense this has changed recently - customer is king after all. There can also be environmental issues if the confetti is not biodegradable (although biodegradable confetti is now widely available). Some have opted for the bubbles option, which seems a good idea but frankly lacks impact and urgency (and therefore excitement). 

So come on folks, it's down to you Brides and Grooms to be. Make confetti throwing part of your day! Check with your venue to see what they allow and where. Buy (yes you) biodegradable confetti (and lots of it) so that this can be handed out to everyone. It really is a shame to miss out. It's fun for your guest (and involves them in the celebration), and of course can make a good photo (sorry, my hidden agenda is revealed). But in all seriousness, why not have another and different part of your day to remember? Keep confetti alive!!!