Nautical Wedding

I often tell people that every wedding is different, and this is due to the people. I could photograph a wedding at the same venue on consecutive weeks and the two occasions would be totally different. The backdrop won't have changed, but the people will look different and act differently. However, that environment I work in does dictate how I work and what I can do. So it's great when I get to go somewhere new, and even better when that somewhere new is something out of the ordinary. 

The other week I was lucky enough to photography Maryam & Matthew's wedding on the south coast. The church was located in a typical residential area, but they had laid on a boat trip up the Hamble to their reception at a restaurant in a boat yard / marina. This made a pleasant change to my normal working surroundings and was hugely helped by some hot "summer" weather! I love my job, and this variety is one of the reasons. 

Ironically, I've noticed couples are often worried about their wedding plans and the impact on me. "Is that going to be OK?" I get asked. Unsurprisingly, my answer is always "Absolutely. Bring it on!". Sadly, I'm still waiting for someone to say "We're getting married in a space ship orbiting the earth. Would that be OK?". Well we can all dream. So maybe one day...............